Words From Our Leader

“Debt recovery is a complex process which is often mishandled. Here at Sixth Avenue West, we aim to minimize our client's financial losses utilizing a variety of collection skills and balanced techniques.”

Eric Allen Eric Allen

Eric Allen, President

Our Philosophy

Maintaining a healthy, productive ongoing relationship between our clients and their customers during and after the collection process is our core objective. With a keen understanding of customer retention and avoidance of reputational harm as being key concerns of our clients, our operational tactics employ less abrasive and less threatening means of achieving superior collection results.

A/R Management & Debt Recovery Who We Serve

Who We Serve

  •     Commercial Insurance Carriers
  •     Local, Regional & National Law Firms
  •     Institutional Lenders
  •     Manufacturing and Distribution
  •     Staffing, HRO & BPO
  •     Government Contractors
  •     Equipment Leasing & Fleet Management
  •     Medical Providers & Networks

Our Leadership Team

Eric Allen

Eric Allen


Eric Allen was named President of Sixth Avenue West having spent nearly 15 years in the insurance and human resources outsourcing industries. He held various leadership roles for national Insurance Companies, Professional Employer Organizations, Managing General Agencies, and Self Insurance Funds. Allen will focus on business development, operation oversight, quality assurance and aligning business process needs, as well as enhancing the customer experience through an ever-evolving client service model.

Michael Fajardo

Michael Fajardo

Managing Director

Michael Fajardo leads Sixth Avenue West’s Business Intelligence Division as a Managing Director. He is responsible for identifying opportunities for growth and improvements through statistical analysis and data interrogation. Having spent 7 years in the insurance and IT industries, Michael specializes in maximizing efficiencies through process refinement and the implementation of technology. By leveraging advanced techniques and business analytics to integrate multi-dimensional data from various sources, he strives to make impactful business decisions for the betterment of Sixth Avenue West and it’s customers.

Donnie Dobson

Donnie Dobson

Regional Director

Donnie Dobson functions as Regional Director for Sixth Avenue West. With nearly 20 years in the Insurance Industry, Donnie has held several executive leadership roles during his career and specializes in partnership relations and operations management. Being client-minded, Donnie believes people do business with those they trust and deliver on their commitments without waiver. Donnie has brought this mindset and philosophy to Sixth Avenue West to further refine the organization and its mission.

Litigation Partners

We possess a close personal relationship with one of the largest national law firms providing for fluid interoperability and communication when necessary within the collection process.

Operational Excellence

Systems and Automation

We pride ourselves on being a technology-forward organization and believe that unique focus yields consistency, predictability and efficiency leading directly to the delivery of value to our customers. Our operational systems are composed of programmatically triggered events, workflows and priority queues designed to streamline core processes, prioritize activities and eliminate deficiency. Operational Leadership leverages skill based routing to ensure our human resource facilities are best aligned with business necessity.

Customer Insights & Reporting

Through our years of experience, we are keenly aware of the value and importance of customer transparency within every step of the collection continuum. We provide access to our proprietary customer data portal, status updates and fully customizable periodic reporting to our customers, arming them with a line of sight into our efforts and their liabilities.

Credentials & Training

100% of Six Avenue West’s staff is credentialed as Professional Collection Specialists, specifically trained to abide by the national rules and regulations of the FDCPA. Decreasing consumer complaints, increasing collector’s ability to overcome objections during collection calls and maximizing the efficiency of the collection process.